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Rent Storage Units on Dona Ana Rd.

We offer a reasonably priced storage units to help you store what you need to store. We take pride in making sure our storage units are clean, secure & most of all, affordable. Feel free to call us anytime for your unit or simply rent your storage unit below!

Dona Ana 5 x 10 SW (10 x 5 x 8)

Approx. 5' x 10' unit made of cinderblock. Features a 3'x7' steel swing door with a deadbolt and external latch.

$55 / month

Dona Ana 5 x 10 RU (5 x 10 x 8)

Approx. 5' x 10' unit with a 3'x7' roll-up door.

$55 / month Only 2 left!

Dona Ana 10 x 20 (10 x 20 x 8)

Cinderblock storage unit with sheetrock walls inside. Approx. 10' x 20' in size. Has a garage style lift door 9' wide X 7' High. Caution: do not stack items in way of door track otherwise damage may occur to your items, the door or both.

$120 / month

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